Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Puppy update

Kiko is Getty's pup and Dixson is mine. They seem to know who they belong to. Kiko will help me during chores but as soon as Getty shows up, she bolts to see her 'daddy'. She adores him. It certainly helps that he carries her and wrestles with her on his lap. She is not afraid of sheep either. If a ewe will try to stare her down through the fence, she will stand and growl as needed, then the ewe will back off.  She also will stand off the LGDs, Stella and Heidi. However, now she is getting disciplined by Rain, Maid and Nan. They used to let her run amuck but in the last few days, laid down the law. Rainey will still let her crawl all over her. I  tell Rainey to be nice while Kiko mauls hers, then treat Rainey. Rainey loves food so will put up with a lot. She also lets Dixson hang off her too.  Tonight, Dixson was hanging off her neck, and I was giving Rainey some cookies, then Dixson decided to see if Rainey's milk bar was open.  The look of horror on Rainey's face was priceless and she really wanted to correct him, but instead she glared at him and moved away. I gave her an extra cookie and Rainey ran off before Dixson could try again.
Kiko has to have her nose in everything, regardless it be needed or not.  She is bright and inquisitive and a very quick study. She learnt what "Stop that" means but will give me a defiant look when she does stop. She is going to be a fun one to start on sheep. She did take a quick spin in the round pen. She followed Vet Diane in and Vey Diane had to hold her while she worked Rob. Then we put her on sheep for about one minute. She went both ways and was fast and kept them tightly bunched.  She won't get much more sheep time until she is older and in the meantime, she will just enjoy her puppyhood.
She loves to launch herself from the floor into Getty's lap. The other night, when she did that and she knocked the beer out of his hand, certainly didn't get her any bonus points. He will wrestle her and she loves it and finally will settle in his lap to watch TV.
Dixson in my pup, strong and full of himself. Scott and Jen picked him out for me. He can be a little dominate and tough and stands up to Kiko when she is a brat. He is no pushover. He knows him name as well as "puppy, puppy" and will come at a dead run and I pick him up. He is very solid and square and I think he will be a big, solid male when he grows up. He has the softest rough coat, a cute white muzzle with a small spot on the white part. His eyes follow my every move and he, with Kiko, are my assistants when I do barn chores. He has figured out to ran up the stairs without landing on his chin.
Dixson fell into the pond on Sunday. He wandered over and looked in and just fell in. Of course, he fell in the deep part and had to swim out. The next time he made sure he was about six inches away from the edge, but Maid ran by him and knocked him back in the pond. I about busted a gut laughing. He got more cautious around the pond and the big dogs. He learns quick.
He has the sweetest personality. Loving and wants to be with you. I cuddle his face in my hands, rub his cheeks and his eyes close in contentment. He passes out on the couch next to him, his fat belly up to the world. His little pink tongue hangs out and his fat feet twitch, perhaps dreaming of a future outrun.
They have the summer to grow up and be puppies. They will go to student's houses, sheepdog trials, stores, parks, camping, the works and soon they will be become part of the trial string. But for now, in the puppy youth, life is grand, kisses are free, snuggles are many and treats flow like water over a fall.

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