Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cat Cooties

Maid used to bug Sarah, the cat. She would stalk and eye her and this only worked for  a few days. Sarah took great offense at this and chased her about and let her see "Jesus."   Since then, Maid ignores Sarah. Sometimes when Sarah comes into the house, she will wander over and bug Maid. It's quite funny to see the tables turned on Maid. Maid does her best to pretend cats  do NOT exist.
So after the sheepdog trial today, we decided to hang out near the barn. Saran saw Maid and ran over and rubbed all over Maid's face and body. Maid was on a down/stay so she had to stay and not run off.

"Cat Cooties" said Maid, "Must lick them off!"

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