Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Geri Bryne's Stockdog Training Courses with Shane Harley

Again,  Geri Byrne offers an excellent online training course on working sheep and cattle. I highly recommend this course. It looks to be good and you will be able to view it for up to a year. The first training course is with Shane Harley and he will cover training your dog to work cattle.

From the website:

Geri Byrne has been part of a family cattle ranching operation on the California-Oregon border and has raised Border Collies since 1978. When Geri decided to sell Border Collies in Action after 19 years, she did so in order to spend more time training dogs, hosting clinics and producing training videos. Geri formed Little Horse Mountain Productions, a video production company in 2009. A top open handler, in addition to having produced numerous training videos, Geri brings experience in both handing and education to Stockdog Training Courses.
Shane Harley is a professional cowdog and sheepdog trainer. He has been very successful in both the cow dog and sheep dog show world including wins as Reserve National Cattle Dog Champion at the first ever USBCHA National Cattle Dog Finals, The Klamath Falls Bull Sale, The Klamath Rodear, Madras, Reno Rodeo, Langtry and Winnemucca. Shane has been competing at the open level in both sheep and cow dog trials since 1997. In addition to the dogs, he is a successful farrier.
A Nebraska native, Shane has been living in the Klamath Basin of Oregon since 2000. Now living near Bonanza, Oregon, he raises yearling feeder calves and a flock of 60 sheep. Each year he attends more than a dozen sheepdog and cattle dog trials throughout the West to test his dog handling skills against the best handlers in the U.S. and Canada always winning a few championships each year.
Stockdog Training Courses is an on-line class that will cover all steps in training from starting the young pup to finishing touches needed for competition dogs and everything in between. Click RIGHT HERE to see the available courses and pricing and to sign up for the classes you want . You will be able to watch them at your own pace, at your own time. These videos will be available for a year, so watch as many times as you like. You will be able to ask questions of the trainer and get all the
PLUS you get to watch a free video:
In our free introductory video you will meet Shane Harley and learn the importance of training your dog up to a higher level.  Imagine how much more you will be able to do after your dog learns to follow your instructions and execute a few critical maneuvers. There is so much more than simply using your dog to stop or drive cattle, whether it is gathering and moving a herd off of the road or saving your time and energy by moving sheep where you want them to go.  Listen to Shane explain the benefits to you and your dog of proper training.   Watch as Shane’s dog gathers, flanks and drives a herd, moving cattle and sheep exactly where Shane wants them  to go.  Learn the importance of your partnership with your dog and how valuable the skills you will learn in this training series are to making your life simpler, happier and more productive. REGISTER TO WATCH THIS FREE VIDEO NOW!
The website is: Stockdog Training Courses
Sign will really enjoy it!

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