Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Bunny get stopped by the State Patrol

Imagine the poor Officer who had to stop the Easter Bunny for not wearing a helmet. But, the Officer gave him a warning and no doubt, the Easter Bunny wore a helmet after this. It was very nice of the Officer to do this. I am sure he will enjoy telling this story to his children or grandchildren.

I can only imagine the dispatch getting the call, "I am stopping the Easter Bunny."   What a riot and so true, and no drinking was involved. By either parties!

So word of warning, you maybe the Easter Bunny, Superman or Santa Clause, but the law is the law, "WEAR A HELMET"


TEC said...

Looks to me like that cop is writing-up a traffic infraction ticket. I'd contest it, if I were that rabbit. The bunny clearly is wearing a helmet in the photo. The straps can be seen extending below his right ear, the helmet on top of his head, but tipped a little away from the camera. And look how upset the poor bunny is. Heartless cop. Certainly any judge would summarily throw it out of court, and give the officer a lecture about the meaning of Easter. -- TEC

Beemer biker said...

Probably not a DOT approved helmet :o)

Debbie said...

Here in WV you need eye protection... maybe he forgot his goggles!

Debbie said...

Figures, it was California.