Thursday, April 18, 2013

Drinking Elephant Crap Beer

Ever drink beer that tasted crappy, well almost shi##y?  Don't be calling any beer made in the USA that, as we all grew up on that. But perhaps, after a all night party, the pizza was cold, the keg was dry and you were thirsty and you spotted a half empty red solo cup of beer. You grabbed it, drank in one fell swoop and it just tasted crappy?
Well now, you don't have to attend one of all those all night keggers and try to speak like an intellect, (when in fact, you sound like a fool after drinking eight beers) just to  grab that one stray solo red cup of flat beer.
Instead you can spend your hard earned cash on "Elephant Poop Beer". Yep, true, you can really pay your hard, earned cash on crap beer. (BTW, I have had a glass of wine and hence the smart-ass post for tonight)
Japanese brewery Sankt Gallenhas made a beer called Un, Kono Kuro, that is "made from coffee beans that have passed through an elephant" (A polite way of saying "beer from elephant poop which happened to eat coffee beans"). One of my friends so eloquently stated "Elephant Shit Beer" but I prefer "Elephant Crap Beer"
Ok, warped humor aside, it was so popular that it sold out the first day. On April FIRST and that is no joke. How did it taste? Well, apparently it was stout (really?) and good (sure, about that?)
For those of you that do not know Japanese, let me translate the name for you.
Un, Ko is really Unko, mean means poop/crap.
no means of
Kuro means Black
so literally this translates to Poop of Black.  Or Black Crap Beer.
Sounds inviting?

Look at the pictures on the Bottle. See the Elephant Poop. See the pile of poop? See the fermenter? See the Beer Mug?
OK, here is an in depth article on the beer as well as a taste test. It is mildly offensive so be warned. A good read though