Saturday, March 30, 2013

Riki Llama

Well, our last Llama didn't work out. Molly had no interest in the sheep but looked cute, so that was her saving grace. So this time around, we got a Llama that was a guard Llama prior to coming here. His name was Dublin, aka Dubbie, but he got renamed by my Mom and Aunt Kimiko. 
His former farm, he protected goats. So he settled right away with his sheep. The LGDs saw him and started to bark and tried to drive him off but Riki stood his ground. He wouldn't leave his sheep, stamped and spit at the LGD. Finally a truce was called, all are friends now. Stella and Heidi soon figured out that Riki was not a predator. 

 Gathering up his flock. The sheep took to him right away.

Riki also found his feed bucket. I give him grain each day so he comes when I call him and he gets settled in. We think he will fit in as he hangs out with his sheep.


geonni banner said...

Never saw an Easter Bunny with such a long neck! ;)

DeltaBluez Tess said...

you did now! ;-)