Sunday, March 17, 2013

Heppner Sunday

We just got in and are wiped. Posting the scores and off to bed. I  ran Maid instead of Nan and we ran at end of the day. She went out nice and wide but the sheep were fussy when they put the them out. So, I had to flank her over on the come bye to walk in between them and the setout. She did a grand job and worked hard at facing down the four ewes and turned them down the hill. I let her work mostly on her own and three broke down, trying to cut sideways and she stopped them and while she did that, the fourth bolted up the hill and she did not see it. I pushed the three back towards the setout hoping the runaway would leave the setout and join her buddies. But she refused so I walked.  Maid did everything I asked of her and was soft and nice so I was happy with her partnership is going well and I enjoy running her.
Scott won today and got Overall. He had a nice run with Don.
Scores are below and I am off to bed.



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