Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Heppner 2013

 Wow, what a great weekend. Karen Mohney sure knows how to throw down a superb five Star Rated Sheepdog Trial. Wiley Targhee range yearlings who were tough, tough and tough. If your dog was weak, they would turn on your dogs on a flash. Then if your dog stood their ground, they might move so you had to take command at the pickup. Hold the wrong pressure point and they bolted and quite a few would single off and run to the highway. I loved these sheep!
Ann Mock was the judge and Angie Untiz led the setout crew, tirelessly put out uniform sets one right after another.  The outrun was about 350 or so, up a very steep hill. Most of the folks sent their dogs to the left, which had a full flat field then a couple of rolling hills, and some of the dogs went well over 800 yards and never found the sheep. Once you did find the sheep, you had to take them down the hill but they wanted to break back to the right to the setout pens. So as a results most of the runs were offline to the right. Drive was left hand and the last part of the crossdrive was under the setout so your dog had to cover that draw. Then a split and a pen. There wasn't a lot of pens and not many sheds.
I am going to do a series of photos over the next few days
 The hill. You can't see how steep it is and the sheep blending on the hill.
 You need a dog. Gael.
 But of course, the featured sheep.
 Fantastic setout crew. 

 One of the many stunning views.

Karen who put on this trial. She is a wonderful, kind hearted person and I am proud to have her as my friend.
 This tumbleweed kept following us around the field and even tried to get in the van.

 The elusive pen.

It was a wonderful trial and I hope to go back next year. Much thanks to Karen and her team of volunteers for hosting this event!

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