Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kytiri Ci

Some good friends of mine, Rick and Terri Rashid, (former herding student and now, good friend) had a litter of pups. Their nice female, Kiri is  well bred and extremely nice. They bred her to  Brock, who is related to my Nan and Maid. His sire is Joy Thayer's Shep who is a full brother to Maid.
Kytiri Ci was born the day before Getty's birthday. I was drawn to her markings and was excited to be getting a new pup. Terri gave me lots of puppy updates. I picked the name "Ci" as it means "dog" in Welsh. It is pronounced "key"

Ci running in the snow at Rick and Terri's down in a southern state.
Look how innocent her face is.....HA!
Ci arrived on Feb 25.  She promptly greeted Sarah the kitty. Sarah slowed her her sharp claws. That didn't slow Ci down one bit. 
 She spies Heidi, the five month old Livestock Guardian dog. 
 Ci is not sure of this "big, white dog"
Rick holding Ci the night before he brought her to the farm.  I was so excited to be getting my new pup. She got to ride first class on the airplane.

Suddenly she became Getty's pup.
Oh, well.....


manymuddypaws said...

so cute, love her little prick ears already!

Karissa said...

Ah!!!! Congrats! What a cutie pie.