Friday, August 31, 2012

The cow jumped over the, the tree and got stuck!!

A cow was dramatically rescued by firemen in body armor, after it plunged more than 100 feet down an embankment and became stuck in a tree. Firefighters in UK's Eden Valley countryside had to do an unusual job when rescuing a cow stuck in a tree.
Phillip Armstrong, a farm owner near Penrith, was counting his cattle when he realized one was missing.  The animals had been sheltering by trees in part of his field which led to an embankment overlooking a river.
Noticing a damaged fence, Armstrong walked down the embankment but looking up, he saw his one-year-old cow stuck between two trees. Below the 317kg-animal was a drop of nearly 20 meters.
"When you see part of your livelihood like that it isn't good," Armstrong said.
The pedigree daisy shorthorn heifer named Moorriggs Sparkle III had stopped struggling to get free by the time firefighters and a vet appeared on the scene.

"It had given up trying but was in a state of shock," the vet said. "It had no major injuries. If it had, it would have been kinder to put it to sleep."
Putting the cow under heavy sedation, the firefighters then used a sling and heavy plant equipment to stabilize Moorriggs and brought her down safely. Impressively, Moorriggs suffered only minor bruising and is now back on her feet with the rest of her herd.
I guess cows can't jump over the moon nor trees.

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