Thursday, August 16, 2012

LaCamas Thursday

Well, it is hotter than Hades. I think it is over 90 plus.  I ran Sava and rain in PN. Saval lost her sheep to setout. Rainey got her sheep and then at the fetch panel took a side jog to the crossdrive panels. Turned the post and started the drive and then timed out on the drive. But she never gave up or lost the sheep but needs more push. The sheep would break back to the setout and quite a few people lost them. I left after my run to run Nan in Open. I was also overheating!

Nan ran well and got 57 and a shed. will post more tomorrow as I am dealing with Tess now. She had a very severe Vestibular attack and still in the throes of it. I thought she was having a bad seizure. So needless to say, my brain is all jumbled right now.

Tomorrow I will post on the trial and scores and maybe by then, Tess will be stable.


Hillcrest Border Collies said...

I am thinking of you and Tess.

Kelpie and Collie said...

I hope Tess feels better.