Sunday, August 26, 2012

Somebody named Neil died according to NBC News

Back in a former life, I used to be an editor for our Community College Newspaper.  The college was Peninsula Community College and Professor Ed Clark was a real stickler for checking and doubling checking the news articles before we went to print. He used to regale us with stories of poorly written headlines, god awful stories and the horror of not validating your work. He would have us shaking in our boots if we messed up. That lesson stuck with me to this day and although my writing skills some days  are not the best, his advice is still in my head.
So imagine my horror when I found out that one of my favorite singers not only died but was the first Astronaut on the moon. Was I asleep at the wheel in the 60's to miss this dramatic event?

I actually paid attention in US History Class but have been out sick the day that Neil Young danced and sang on the moon. Did he sing, "Harvest Moon" when he took his first step?

Well, I will be dammed. Here is the "official NASA" photograph of him in his astronaut suit.
Professor Ed Clark would be rolling over in his grave about now. Whomever wrote this news story should have taken the journalism class from Professor Clark.  At least it would have been right. As it is, NBC News is pretty red-faced about this affair and quickly, published the correct story.

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Karissa said...

lol I missed this, thanks for sharing! :o)