Sunday, August 12, 2012

Snake Cake

Here is a cool snake cake....I like snakes and used to have them as pet when I was a child. But now, I like them at a distance. I saw these photos going around and had to check out the source on them. They are made by a lady in the UK and the company is North Star Cakes. I am so impressed by her work. Wy to go!

News article

Major kudos to cake-making genius Francesca from North Star Cakes, in Kent, England, for whipping up this horrifyingly realistic yellow snake cake. (It's an Amelanistic Burmese Python, for you herpetology buffs).

We're torn about whether we'd actually want to eat this — on the one hand, snakes are kind of terrifying, but on the other hand, cake is delicious. Francesca prepared the cake for her daughter, who's obviously made of sterner stuff than us.


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