Saturday, August 18, 2012

More LaCamas scores

You're not going to get much as I ran three dogs today and then ran back to the trailer to take care of Tess. I am severely deprived from the lack of sleep as I have been getting up twice in the middle of the night to check on Tess. She is outside in an x-pen and I would hold her paw and talk to her for a few and sit under the stars and quiet night and think about life. Of how this great dog took me under her paw and carried me for many years and wrapped me in her deep love. Of how, my love for her will be the tough test, when she is ready to go, although way too soon in my eyes. I talked to her of life, death, sheep and good times and certainly no politics or religion. The only religion I talked to her about was sheep herding. Just before I wrote this, I sat next to her and cried and then as soon as I got into my trailer, Bob Dias came over to drop some items and I was gruff to him so he wandered off. I wasn't in the mood for company as I was wiping tears from my face and trying to focus.  Tess will be better and life will go on but one day, I will have to say good bye to my best friend.  Cheryl Necochea was a great asset by loaning me an xpen and helping me balance Tess so she could eat and walk. Bob, who acts all tough but is a real softie, was wonderful by helping do guy stuff (bbq'ing dinner, hitching up the truck and many assorted stuff) and just being there. I certainly missed his beautiful wife, Rochelle but will see her at the Finals. Angie, Mary and Cynthia have been great also (all vets!) Tess has slowly been getting better and eating more each day. We took her on a short walk where she staggered here and there but was stable. It helps her recover quicker and hopefully soon, she will be back to normal.

I took a few token picture but not much as I was pretty tired from running four dogs and lack of sleep. I ran  Sava in PN and her sheep broke back to the setout and she stopped three and I sent her to the setout to get the last one but she wasn't able to get it. She had a wonderful outrun and lift but the sheep beat her back. Rainey had her two runs the first two days so she had the day off.
Nan ran in the morning and I was quite happy with her. Her score did not reflect her tremendous try and and grit. She did well for me but we had a wobbly drive that killed us. Her sheep broke at the top but she took charge and did as I asked. Most of her drive was nice but we hit the dead zone and had trouble but got them back online but got hit for that. Nan worked her heart out for me at the pen but the two that had broken away at the top gave her grief at the pen so we timed out.
Maid ran later in the day and apparently someone snuck into my trailer and sprinkled the magic pixie "down dust" on her as she took the down at the top and listened quite well. Well, almost aside from the two dead areas on the drive where she took the sheep on the scenic tour. We just skimmed the fetch panels as I had the sheep lined up and I saw them start to veer but was just a second to slow to flank her.  The first leg of the drive was a beautiful sight to see as well as her turn at the post,. She scraped the tight turn at the first panel, took a quick tour up the hill then we got back on line, then was low on the second panel. I had her turn the sheep to bring them to the pen but she suddenly spied the crossdrive panels we just missed so trotted the sheep up to them! I got her to bring them nicely to me to the pen and we had them in the mouth several times but one blackface had no interest so we timed out. She wanted to grip as she flanked quickly to stop them from bolted so I shouted her out and she did not so I was very happy at her. She ran her heart out for me like Nan had done earlier. Since we didn't get the pen nor shed and had scenic drive, we lost a fair amount of points but both girls worked hard for me and I was happy.

Novice- Saturday

PN- Saturday 

Open- First round


Open- First round

Open- Second Round

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