Saturday, March 31, 2012

To those we loved and lost...

Many years ago, we got a sweet, mostly white Border Collie and then our lives changed....for the is a photo of Shiro in August 1993. She was about 4 months old. Little did we know this cute, lively pup that stole our heart would lead us on to a different path that we had chosen....she was not the best ISDS type of trial dog but got me into the sport. She was a great farm dog that took no bull from anyone. And she was the love of our life. She has been dead for almost four years and we still miss her.

This is dedicated to all of  first Border Collies who stole our heart. Ya'll have had  one and they all took a piece of our hearts when they died but they all put those little pieces together in dog heaven and now our hearts are whole again through their love.

Photo: John Kohlsaat - Aug 1993

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Daffycat said...

Shiro was absolutely gorgeous.