Sunday, March 25, 2012

OKC bound

Well, I just landed in OKC, aka Oklahoma City. I am here for two weeks for work training. I know, something not dog related! I am going to hook up with Susan and Bonnie, whom I hung out with the last time I was here. Bob Brown also emailed me, so I will meet up with him. This will be cool meeting another dog person.

Not much new on the home front, aside from the fact, we are starting to lamb in the next two weeks and I am here. So my students are going to keep an eye on the farm for me. We probably will have a rush of lamb births. So far, we have had about 1/4 of the flock lamb all ready. I got some Border Leicester/North country ewes and two had lambs. I am very impressed with them and hopefully the other ewes that I got are bred too. They are fantastic mothers.

Stella, the new LGD has been a dream. She chased a poor bunny who wandered in the pasture by mistake and I guarantee that bunny won't be going into the pasture again.She swept her flock into a tight group, positioned herself between the sheep and bunny and went on full alert and bark mode. The bunny obviously didn't  move quickly enough for her as she went after him in attack mode.  Last I saw of the bunny, he was  headed south to live with  Suzanne Anaya in California.

I haven't worked the dogs that much since Heppner and they now have a 2 week break. The probably will be fighting for who gets my pillow on the bed. Nice to know that I am missed.

Heppner pixs later this week. Just had caramel corn and a Mike's Hard Lemonade for dinner. Are those in two of the four food groups? Corn=vegetable and Lemon=fruit?

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