Thursday, March 8, 2012

A boy and his dog...aka Jono and Ben

Ben is the latest addition here at the farm. I got him from Angie Driscoll of Kinloch Sheepdogs. His sire is Dalziel's Joe and dam lines is Longtons breeding. He is going to be a bog boy and for now, he is having fun. He has been spending time with the students learning to be a house dog, growing up and loving life. When he gets older, he will start sheepdog school.

John Mitchell (Jono) is also our newest addition but as a upcoming handler. He is 14 years old, quiet and a quick study. He really enjoys working the dogs and is like a sponge. He picks up the concepts quickly and I hope they have a older person class once he starts trailing in Open, as he will be kicking our butts!

Ben spent some time at Vet Diane and John's house. He had a blast and loves Jono. We expect Jono to be getting his own puppy soon. Until then, he can spoil Ben. Oh, I guess he already has!

Jono has been working Sava and hopefully they will run in a Novice class this summer.

Jono (nickname) and Ben. See how well behaved Ben is for Jono and now going for big puppy kisses! Ben loves Jono!

See how big his paws are...he is going to be a big pup.  He is almost seven months old,

Oh, I see the sheep.

Did you want me to pose?

Time for nap. All tuckered out from all the excitement.

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