Thursday, March 29, 2012

Scott Glen online videos


Sheepdog Training Courses is proud to present Scott Glen's first online training course - The Young Dog. This new and exciting course will begin, Monday, April 9, 2012.

The Young Dog is 4 weeks of training that will include a weekly instructional video, special weekly session that will allow you to listen while Scott answers your questions, and visual homework, designed by Scott, based on what you learned during the week. All of this for $99. Click Here to Sign Up

Scott's Young Dog Course includes:

1) Starting the Young Dog

2) Balance and Confidence with a Young Dog

3) Bigger Arena and Introductions of Commands with a Young Dog

4) Developing Flexibility on the Outrun with a Young Dog.

As with the free penning course, Scott Glen's Young Dog course is filled to the brim with information and training tips.

When you sign up to participate in this private invitation for Scott Glen's Young Dog Course, please note -- this course is time sensitive and will follow this format:
Monday: new training video

Monday-Wednesday: participant submission of questions

Thursday: audio answer session with Scott Glen

Friday: video homework.

Once the course is finished, you will have an additional 6 weeks to review the material. Worried that this course doesn't match your busy life? No worries. The course will be made available with more flexibility and a less time sensitive structure in the future. However, please note, while access to the Q&A session developed from the first participants will be included in the future offering of The Young Dog Course, there will not be clinician interaction. If you want to receive all of the benefits of the course, including Scott's answers to your questions, then this limited enrollment course is for you! Participation in the live weekly question and answer session is a limited time offer and will only be available until April 9th. Click Here to Sign Up Again, Scott Glen's first sheepdog training course - The Young Dog will beginning April 9th...register today and receive a special gift with purchase - the fourth session in Scott Glen's Penning Course. Also, if you were a participant in our penning series, your name has been automatically entered in a drawing for free participation in Scott Glen's course: The Young Dog. The winner will be announced next week.

This is going to be a fabulous course! Be sure to sign up today to take advantage of the Question and Answer interaction with Scott Glen. Click Here to Sign Up

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