Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Patrick Shannahan and Andi at Heppner

Patrick and Andi put down a screamer of a run on Saturday at  Heppner on Saturday. Patrick is a pleasure to watch. He is humble, quiet and very generous with his time. Classy is his middle name! I enjoy watching Patrick run as it is a lesson on a top notch handler with a top notch dog. This run was a testimonial.  Patrick never says a unkind word about anyone and he always has a kind word to say to you.

 Patrick is wearing green under all his layers of clothes on St Patrick's Day.

Andi on a sweet fetch. She handled the sheep with calmness. 

Plus she is a stunning looking dog.  You could see the teamwork they had...a real sweetness about it.

 The first leg of the drive way very tough but they made it look easy.

 These range yearling had no desire to shed but Andi made them change their minds.

 One thought she was going to double back...."not so quick" said Andi and the lamb listened.

Putting the two she just shed back together to go to the pen. Look at the expression on her face...just happy and serious!

 OK, grouped together and on to the last section.

They got the pen and with this run, they won first place. How nice for "Patrick" to win the St. Patrick Sheepdog Trial on Saturday. Good things happen to good people and this is one good guy! And of course, one good dog!

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