Monday, February 13, 2012

Update on Heart Procedure

Well, the heart procedure did not work. They did the Cardio Version and the normal heart rate worked for about two minutes, then it slipped back into Atrial Flutter. So my heart Doc is going to talk to another heart Doc about another procedure called an Ablation. I had that done about three years ago and they might do it again. I went home after the procedure and slept most of the day. I got a severe migraine from the meds and feel well, like crap. So now, it's back to the way it was before. But better than  being dead. I get tired quicker so I work around that.

Tomorrow the blog goes back to the regular scheduled programming and I will again hopefully entertain ya'll.

No dog trial this weekend so I will tune up my dogs for the March 10th trial. I have to get Maid qualified for the Finals. Nan has some serious points but a few more will be better.I will be the blogger for the Finals so I look forward to that. I really enjoyed doing the blogging the last time the Finals were in Klamath Falls. This time I will be able to blog during the Finals as I am set up for that now. It's gonna be a great time and I look for to the wild ride to get there.


gvmama said...

Good girl...Keep that optimistic outlook! And, alive is better than the other, but I do understand your feeling tired with the flutter. Chin up. And, have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Lynn said...

Crud. Sorry the procedure didn't go better. Been there, done that (via the sidelines) with a DH with heart issues (and now a fake heart valve, now leaking; he has had the ablation procedure too). You're right, it's tough, but as you say, considering the alternative...