Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scott Glen second penning lesson

Many handlers think it is tough to pen sheep. Scott Glen is here to show you how, with good basic skills and a comprehensive strategy, can make penning successful and fun! Click the link below to continue on your journey to penning.

Sign up to receive this fabulous three-week penning course with Scott Glen by registering at www.sheepdogtrainingcourses.com

Be sure to sign up for the course when they offer it in March.  I look forward to that series. The bright side for Scott is that, he doesn't have to answer my endless questions. Wait, you can ask questions after each section.  I can't wait.

I watched this session. All I can say, it is awesome. Scott breaks it down into tiny steps so even the penning impaired can pen with ease. You will enjoy it and love it. I am really impressed.

As I watcehd this and wen Scott was giving commands, Tess, Rainey and Maid jumped up and began to look around. Tess went back to sleep but Rain and Maid ran into the kitchen looking for Scott and the sheep.

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