Saturday, February 25, 2012

Barn Boots

It's that time of the year to get new barn boots. So Janet Thorpe and I went shopping at Nordstorm's Store. I am sure you are in shock that I would go to Nordies, but in a previous life, before the dogs, I used to be a yuppie. Yep, with fancy suits, heels and makeup. Now, my make up is bit of alfalfa mixed in with some sheep poop. The suits were donated a few years and now my clothes of choice is the brand of  Carhatts.  I quit the corporate world and now work for the FAA. I am a lot happier and don't have to be all fancy at work. I do have to look nice but heels and makeup are not required.

So today, Janet and I went to the feed store and then to lunch and had Dim-sum. Fully stuffed, we decided to go shopping at Nordies. (for those of you in the dark, Nordies is the high end fancy clothes store) We want to check out some clothes as I haven't been shopping for a long time and shopping with Janet is fun. She has a different fashion taste than me but get me to try new styles. I got her to buy Bog Boots so I guess that makes us even.

My Bog boots have a hole so I needed to get some new ones. Not that Nordies has Bog boots but that was my excuse. BTW, we did find some Bog Boots at Nordies but they were not my size. So, we are checking out the rows for boots and I tell Janet to help me find some boots for the barn which was entertaining!

Janet and I rounded up a bunch of boots and then had to make a hard decision on which one would work for me.

These were the first boots we looked at...hum, too white and the sheep poop would be on them in a flash so I took a pass.

Red shoe laces are not my my color.

I don't look good in green It make me look like I had three bottle of Jack Daniels, then spent two hours over the porcelain bowl donating the three bottles back, so these were vetoed as NO!

 This one was too high on my leg. Plus, the suede would be a bitch to clean.

I got distracted by these leopard print shoes. They are some fancy brand that cost $800 new. That is four ewes  or six lamb or four tons of alfalfa hay in my book.

Kristi would love this brand. Janet recognized them and told me they were Manolo Blahnik and I tried to hide my blank dumb look on my face and look intelligent. It didn't work by the way. 

The heel is about 17 inches too high for me so I put them back. Heck, I couldn't even pronounce the brand name, let alone know this fancy designer was.  Back in the days, when I wore heels, I am sure this designer was in diapers. Or maybe just a twinkle in someones eye.

Well, this looked hopeful,l aside from the two million laces that I would have to do. If I got these boots, then by the time I got done lacing them, it would be time to quit working dogs. So maybe, I could get them, lace them and then my dogs would train themselves while I was on lace #76290....hey, this sounds pretty good. Janet removed from my hands and put them back. She didn't actually do this until I said I would do it when I was giving a lesson to her, then she snatched them out of my hands and put them back. 

I love purple but would hurt my back trying to lace these boots up. Or maybe the same people who write instructions to build your furniture from IKEA did the instructions for putting the laces on these boots....

Damm, another white pair of boots. These were so white, that my eyes hurt and I went blind for a brief moment in time.   PETA would be all over me, if I wore these and my sheep were blinded by them. Janet and I did not want PETA at the farm so sadly, we put them back.

We finally found leopard print barn boots. They fit me perfectly and I will wear them at the trials. These had only three laces so a mere simpleton like me could do them in fifteen minutes. They got the Janet "Seal of Approval" and we made it out of Nordies without too much damage to the bank account.

Oh, I got more stuff but I am not telling as those are boring! OK, I will since someone is going to ask me....penny loafer shoes for work (see, boring!!) and cool socks. Janet got some cute girl baby clothes with sheep on them for Josie. Then we called it a day and went home with our spoils!


Karissa said...

As a former shoe-holic, I very much enjoyed this post and all the pretty footwear photos!! :o) The ones you ended up with are super cute, too!

Diane Pagel said...

Glad you enjoyed was a fun day and I love cool shoes.

Jackie said...

All I want to know is where the heck do you get a ton of alfalfa for $200 ton these days????? lol
Cute story btw ;)

Claudia said...

Our group being mostly middle-aged women, we have shoe discussions on a regular basis. Also my favorite brand in cloth is Levi and Carhard :)