Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sheep quotes

“A black sheep is a biting beast.”
Thomas Bastard Quotes
Source: Chrestoleros (p. 90)

“It would be equally reasonable to say that sheep are born carnivorous, and everywhere nibble grass.”
Emile Faguet Quotes
Source: said in response to Rousseau, i.e., man being born free, but everywhere in chains

“She walks--the lady of my delight-- A sheperdess of sheep. Her flocks are thoughts. She keeps them white; She guards them from the steep. She feeds them on the fragrant height, And folds them in for sleep.”
Alice Meynell Quotes
Source: The Lady of the Lambs

“A leap year Is never a good sheep year.”
Old Saying Quotes
Source: Old English Saying

“The mountain sheep are sweeter, But the valley sheep are fatter. We therefore deemed it meeter To carry off the latter. - Thomas Love Peacock,”
Thomas Love Peacock Quotes
Source: The Misfortune of Elphin--The War-Song of Dinas Vawr

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