Sunday, December 13, 2009

Who is the Boss?

Some would say the barn cat is the boss of the farm? After all, Rigby cleans the farm out of moles, mice, rats, shrews and voles. He makes sure all the Border Collies know he can chase them but they can't chase him. He greets everyone as they arrive and loves to leave muddy prints all over their trucks or cars.

Then, you have Kodiak who is the seasoned Great Pyr who has been here for many years. Kodi saved the sheep when we had a huge barn fire by forcing them out of the barn and to safety. He also chases the coyotes away as well as making sure the eagles or crows or ravens do not try to kill the new borne lambs. He also announces when we have visitors.

Kodi and Rigby. Note one is the largest and one is the smallest animal on the farm

Did someone forget to tell Kodi and Rigby that dogs and cats are supposed to mortal enemies? Yes, I think they didn't get that memo!!

But the real boss is not Kodi or Rigby. Tess or Nan may think they are the bosses also. Getty or I sometimes think we are the bosses too!!

BUT,   the real boss is my mom. See how everyone is behaving for her!! Even me!!

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