Monday, December 28, 2009

Bored Graphics Artists!!

A friend sent these to me. I do not know who did these but they are wonderful.

Bug Gladiators

I used to like bananas.

I am going to buy plastic shoes from now on!!

I failed geography but know breeds of cows.She is a Holstein cow,

Shark Bait. This is why I do not scuba dive anymore.

I used to like kiwis also. So bananas and kiwi are no longer on my food list.

Knobby Knees. She probably needs some skin lotion as as salt water exposure is not good for her legs.

OK, also take strawberries off my food group also.

Beetles and Peace or is it Beatles and Peace,

A true hockey fan.

Wonder if I grow my nails out that long if he will paint them?

I could never roller skate....or car skate for that matter.

I love these!!

I feel airsick!!!

So is this where the headless horseman can find his lost head? In the lost head section!!


The last person who touched this toad now has his skull painted on the back

A new breed of chickens called "Green Necked Flora"

It gets really rainy here in Washington State. On the days we don't drive to work, we just swim to work. I take the canoe instead.


An English Shepherd said...

Great images, not seen any off them before. Clever artists :-)


kingsley said...

That is too cool.. the one with the bug though, could be the lady sign. And hence, lady bug.