Thursday, December 24, 2009

Llama - 4 points, Handler - 0 points (aka the Four Step Program)

Ever been bested by a Llama?  Well, it sure is humbling.

Gallo had his halter left on when he was moved to the neighbor's pasture and Janet and I wanted to take it off. I don't want an animal loose with a halter as it can snag and they can get injured.

Look at that sweet innocent face. Isn't he the cutest Llama, ever!! We sure think so.  So, lead rope in hand we decided to catch Gallo and undo his halter, right? Sounds simple enough. Now doing the plan of action was far harder than thinking of the plan of action.

Gallo used to be a show Llama and used to being handled. Obviously he forgot about his showing days and galloped off when we approached him. He didn't come when we called either. We chased him for a while then got the bright idea of using Scott to fetch him.

Big field + fast llama = tired handlers.

This idea is great if you want to be on a weight loss program.

Scott was more than happy to help us. Gallo wanted no part of being worked by Scott so they had a meeting of the minds. But Gallo soon saw the *light* and let himself be worked by Scott.

Step One was that we trapped Gallo in this corner. At this point, we thought we could walk up to him and grab his halter. So we were thought we were so clever but Gallo was more clever. He would wait until I had my hand on the halter and spin away. We did this several times. Scott covered the back so Gallo would be in the corner.

Step Two involved in Janet hanging onto one end of the lead rope and me on the other end and we would stop him with the rope. We trapped him several times with the rope but he just ran through the rope.

Step Three (do you see a pattern yet?) was me taking the lead rope and lassoing him. Well, this is a good idea in theory BUT a lead rope with a big heavy clip is not a roping lasso. It was awkward and the loop would close shut before it got around his neck.

Step Four (and by this time the neighbors were watching with amusement) was Janet stopping him at one side with the crook and I snuck up with my useless roping lead rope and try to snag him. FINALLY, we did it and once the rope was around his neck, Gallo stopped rock solid still and we petted him. He did make the evil eye at Scott though. We took off the halter and rope and set him free.

Did he gallop off? No, he stood next to us and acted like it was a big laugh on us....which is was.

Don't be calling us for llama lassoing, that it, unless it is part of a clown act!!

Poor Janet...I hope by now she has recovered from llama lassoing!

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gvmama said...

Our llama jumped a 5 foot fence from a standstill. Our nearest neighbors drank Beer and laughed with glee at the following antics that ensued trying to capture him.
A "former" llama owner.