Friday, December 11, 2009

The Overseer

Life's tough when you are retired. First, you must make sure you JUDGE the runs at the trial. After all, you were one of the top Open dogs and ran at the Finals in Nursery and Open, and know the routine, therefore you are more than qualified to judge and all. Plus ran the sheep farm for almost 10 years.

You must set yourself directly behind the handler. "Is their fetch line straight?"

"Nope, offline" as she leans to the left.

OK, done with judging and now to do a posing photo for her adoring fans.

"Dang it, it is cold out here"

"Time for a snow bath"

"Gotta shake off and I guess I am going to set for the Open class now"

Tess has decided she is working a lot harder now that she is retired, judging class, setting for the classes and being my navigator. She no doubt will be asking for a raise or at least another cookie!!

note: Purple bandana was supplied by Janet T.

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