Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Agility in the South

A few years ago, more like 9 or so years ago, I went to Baton Rouge for Christmas. Getty dropped me off at my friend's house, Linda Baron, and we played with dogs all day. She does trial her dogs but also does agility.

I did a course with a couple of her dogs and it was quite funny. I kept mixing up the weave poles, A-frame, tunnel, etc and called all of them the wrong names but luckily for me I pointed to the right object and was in the right position so the dog did the course. By the end Linda and her friend (whose name escapes me) were on the ground, in tears from laughing so hard.

I ended up the day by taking photos of the dogs and we went to dinner and had a good visit. This was the first time I ever took photos of dogs doing agility.

Celly and Tap.

Celly and Tap.

Dual Jumping.

Linda's friend who ran a Dalmatian. Apparently she is a well known trainer and this is a well known dog. I was impressed with him. Anyone take a guess of who the trainer and Dal might be?

Doing the weave.

Tire jump.

Coming sub sonic speed out of the tunnel!!


Eagle on the weave.

Tire time!!


Joe on the weave poles!

One split second later.

The tire and the end.

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Kathy said...

It is a small world, now isn't it?? Linda is also a friend of mine. Do you hear much from her lately?? I should really email her.