Friday, December 26, 2014

Maid herding geese

Today, I let the sheep out to graze and Maid and I did a little tending. The sun was out, and I sat in a chair soaking up the warmth and having a cold pop. Maid did quite well and then I realized the geese had wandered out of the pasture since I let the gate open.
The geese never have been worked by dogs unless you count over two years ago and that was three of them with Tess. They had no intention of wanting to go back into the pasture. The main male took a run at Maid with full intentions of attacking her with his beak and wings.  Not a good idea, as Maid gave him a swift nip and he decided to behave.
So in the end, the geese got to be put away and it was fun. Maid has worked the chickens and ducks before and it was good to see that she could work the geese as well. 

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Mary Ann said...

Great to see her work!