Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ibex Fingerless gloves

Audrey brought me over some homemade Butternut Squash Curry soup since I was having a hard time eating. and she brought me some fingerless gloves late yesterday. I never seen these type of gloves and was wondering how well they would do, since I like to have all of my hands (including the fingers) to be warm. So, I wore them today and the weather was cold but sunny. (I will be eating the soup tonight as I had tons of food from my mom since she came over yesterday)
These kept my hands warm and as a result I didn't feel the cold so much on the fingers. That surprised me as I thought my fingers would freeze. In fact, my hands were quite warm all day and I was able to work dogs and do chores. The regular wool gloves are too bulky and you have to remove them when you need to do something like opening a gate.
When I got in the house, I pulled one off and with the other one, I did a few Michael Jackson moves for the dogs. Sad to say, they were not impressed. I will be using these gloves when it is cold. What a thoughtful gift! And a wonderful friend to think of such a thoughtful gift! Thanks again, Audrey.

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