Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fido's Sheepdog Trial Nov 30th

We went to a sheepdog trial this weekend.  Janet Thorpe was kind enough to drive as that would have wiped me out as I have been recovering from surgery. She ran Sava and Jude and I ran Nan and Maid. I didn't run Nikki as that would have been too much for me since I am still recovering.  
The fetch was a dogleg fetch to a cone then through the fetch panels. If the dog brought then straight to you, they would have to go over an icy pond. Some dogs didn't get that memo. Then a left hand drive, single one of the three sheep and pen in nine minutes.
It was cold but I was wearing my super duty parka that has about 75 lbs of down....actually it was light but bulky but kept me warm as well as the space heaters that were provided. We had a nice ten, two heaters and lots of good company.  Ron Fischer was the judge and he did a fine job.
Maid was first and she had a super outrun, once she reached where she thought the sheep were be and saw that they were not, she scanned the filed then had to veer hard to the right, kick out and get behind them. She tried to bring them to the pond but I shouted her to stop and she did and we did the dog leg fetch. I am sure she though I was an idiot to veer so far off the line but she did it and according to Chris (trial host) she did the best job of any dog all day and only lost three on her fetch. The lambs were light and afraid of her (and so  would I as she doesn't take any prisoners). Nice turn and sweet first leg but she held on the pressure and kept going up the field. I had to call her name for her to do the flank so we lost major points on the extended drive. She was sure the first leg "had" to be much longer. We made a nice crossdrive and she wouldn't release the flank so I had to shout her out and then she did for a nice turn. Sweet drive into the shed and promptly did the single One of the two lambs, on her regather tried to bust to the exhaust and she went after it like a heat seeking missile and I told her to be nice so she growled at the lamb instead of biting it. You could hear her growl all the way back at the handler's tent. She put them back nicely and marched them into the pen. She got fifth despite her extra long drive and I was happy with her run, considering I haven't worked her for two weeks since I had surgery.
Nan went out nice then stopped where she thought the sheep would be as there was a person there. I flanked her out and she spied the sheep in the setout. She has been sent through gates at trials on her outrun so she was looking for a way to get through the gate. I told her to leave it and flanked her out and she took it and got her sheep. She didn't read the memo and tried to put the sheep over the icy pond but since they didn't bring their ice skates, she finally relented and brought them through the fetch panels so we got hit for that. Nice turn and she had to work to get them through the first panels as they wanted to lean to the exhaust. we wandered here and there as she had her own line and I had a different line for the crossdrive. Bur we made it to the ring and the sheep didn't want to settle so it took a bit to get the single. She crammed them into the pen and when she took them out and realized her run was over, her tail went wild with delight, she bounced up and down and barked with joy. It was so cute to see she was so happy with her run.....what a nut. But I run her in short local trials as she loves it and we just have fun.  Right after her run, she plopped herself near the heater to enjoy the rest of the runs.  What a goofball!

We left right after our runs and stopped and got some hot lunch. Then I got home and took a nap on the couch with the girls. What a way to end a fun day. Much thanks to Janet for driving!

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