Monday, December 15, 2014

Kirchgessner Sheepdog Trial Dec 13

It's been crazy here but I managed to get away to run my Open dogs at a trial this weekend.  I took Nan, Maid and Nikki. The trial was in Smokey Point, hosted by Lynne Green.  Jack Knox was the judge.
Outrun was over a ditch, then you had to bring the lambs over the ditch. Right hand drive, then single of the three lambs and then a pen in 8 minutes.  Maid was first, and she had nice outrun, pushy on lift and wee bit of bobble and sheep skimmed the panels. Then a decent turn and nice first leg, but I turned too early but missed one sheep (?), ok crossdrive and low at the last part, and nice turn to the ring. She took a single quite handily and marched them into the pen but at the last minute, one slipped around the pen, much to our surprise but she put the lamb in. She got 78 and I think 6th place.
Nikki was next and tried to cross about 4 feet in front of me so I stopped her and redirected her and she went out ten more feet then tried to cross but stopped and took the flank. She went out nice but at the lift, stopped at 3:00 o'clock and then drive them to the setout pen. Ignoring my commands. The sheep stopped as the setou dog was in the way and finally she brought them back to the fetch line. Wide turn and decent first leg, and then she tried to drive them to the woods. I got her back and ok crossdrive but low and missed the panel and wide turn but last leg was nice. I called her through for the shed but she headed the sheep that spilt off and we timed out.
Nan was the last dog to run and I run her for fun. She still is in great shape for 12 and loves to run. She was the first to the door to go in the morning. And she is in great physical shape as well.  She went out and I just let her feel the sheep and she had a nice lift, got pushy but I got her to slow down. Nice fetch and tidy turn. At the first leg of the drive, when the lambs jumped over the ditch, one spilt one way (heard his buddies from the exhaust) and the other two wanted to go up the field. She gathered them well and went on her way. We missed two at the first panel due to handler error and had a nice crossdrive until I decided to futz some on it and lost more points. Made the second panel and nice turn to the ring. The lambs didn't want to split but she worked it and got it and as we were marching the lambs to the pen, they slipped to one side but she tucked them in. She got 87 points and placed third. Not bad for a fun run! 
Janet, Vet Doctor Bob and I went out for an Asian lunch and then we went to Costso. Doctor Bob suggested I need vitamins and protein so I loaded up. Thanks to Janet for the use of her card and Bob being concerned about my health to get me on the right path.
Then I went home and slept for 8 hrs. I was that tired.

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