Saturday, June 2, 2012

Turner Trial

I just pulled in from the Turner was a long almost 6 hr drive. Janet drove and then I drove my truck back from her house. I thought I would take a new shortcut via North Bend but instead a new scenic, dark route over hill and dale and finally 20 minutes later decided to cut my losses and go back the normal route.

Janet and I drove down on Friday to Turner, Or. We drove in her parent's nice truck that was very comfortable. I want a small truck like that one.  The trial was about the size of a small baseball field with a sheep fair going on the side of the field and a parade with sirens going on. The sheep were very drawn to the exhaust and quickly figured out they could bust thru the cattle panel and once they did that, that was the end of your run.

 Nan got a DQ on her first run, then a decent score on her second run. Her first run had a lovely outrun and as the sheep turned the post they ran to the exhaust. The prior run did not shut the gate so the sheep ran in and that was a DQ.  They tied the gate up later but the sheep would just bust over the top of the panel for quite a few of the other runs. It was combined for the overall trial so that kicked us out. Her second run was quite nice but she didn't get the cross. The sheep would line up in the mouth of the cross and refuse to go in. She had a great run up to that point and held the pressure very well. Her outwork was brilliant.

Maid ran well but didn't get her Maltese cross on the first run so that kicked us out of the top four spots. But she managed to forget her down on the Maltese cross and by her creeping forward, the sheep bolted out of the mouth of the cross. Her outwork was brilliant but her drives were fast as the sheep did not like her push and ran. She could keep far enough off them in the small field and it was tough at the cross. I guess some close work in a small field with light sheep is in the future for us. However, her outwork was quite nice on both runs. For some reason, she was very much amped up on her runs.

Rainey managed to pull the DeltaBluez name out of the mud and scored a very honorable 83 out of 90 on her first PN run. She had a nice wide outrun and good lift and fetch. The sheep tried to bolt to the exhaust (which was in the line of the first leg of the drive) but she held her  ground and slowly inched them up the field to the first panel, tucked them through and then to the second panel and tucked them in clean and then marched them to the cross and walked them in a bride walking down the church aisle. No muss, no fuss, just a easy saunter into the cross.  Lucky for me, I was holding onto the cross as I about fell down in shock. Her second run was nice too. I had to whistle her on the top as her eye stuck her but she brought them nice down the field, sweet turn and marched them to the panel for the tight turn to the pen. The second PN run had one panel as the first PN run, the draw was the death of most of the runs. After she swept them through the panel. I opened the gate, she strolled them in for a perfect pen. She got 80 for her efforts. She got high overall for the PN and won a beautiful chair that had embroidery on it for the Overall PN run Combined. The PN runs was very tough and she was very obedient and the sheep liked her so that was nice. She may not be the strongest dog that I have, and I have to cheer her on but she is all heart and gives me her all. She won't quit but tries and tries.

Janet ran JUde and RT on her first run. During his run, there was a lot of fair noise, kids screaming and all sorts of ruckus. Plus three people were holding his sheep and Janet went up the field to help him. On the second run, Janet handled him well on his outrun but at the last second her crossed but for the rest of the run, she ran him well. Nice drive with a bit of a bobble and as she was closing the gate, the time went off. They are a nice team and you see how well they have been progressing along. Jude runs his heart out for her and she gives him the help he needs. a little more seasoning and they will be a tough tema to beat.

We hopped in the truck right after the awards and headed home. It was a long drive and I was wiped out and a couple of times, fell asleep. I guess running six runs and fives hours of sleep wiped me out. We did stop and got some VOODOO Doughnuts in Portland. They are quite tasty and I got a dozen. After we ate our doughnut, we then stopped for dinner. Normal people eat dinner first, then dessert but hey, I guess we aren't normal! I bought a dozen so we can enjoy them on Sunday.

It was a fun trial put on by Lora. The weather was nice and the company was superb. Janet was kind to drive and do all the arrangement so it was a pleasant trip. Thanks to Janet for driving.  No pixs as I never pulled the camera out of the truck.


Kelpie and Collie said...

Sounds like my sort of day- trial, and then eat good food!

gvmama said...

Smaller fields are especially hard to run with quick sheep. No room for any errors. I found out with Yoko in New Mexico it was easier to run open than PN. I had time to adjust and fix in open. :0)