Friday, June 29, 2012

PN, Ranch, Nursery and Novice at Eweful Acres

It's late and I am pretty tired to do much of a write up but I can say, some days you are the bug and someday you are the, we were the bug.

I ran Jude first in Nursery and only had him five days prior so we didnt have much work time under our belt before we went to the post. He cast out nice, then stopped as if to cut in, so I blew him out and wide and he took it and went nice behind the sheep. He had a nice lift, we were offline and missed the panels on the way down as I could not get him to hold the pressure. Nice turn and the drive started off wiht a bit of lack of confidence and I had to help him on the drive but we got the panels and then we got the pen. He got a score of 72 and got 4th place but with only 13 dogs running, he didn't get a leg. He only lost four on his drive and it was the second best drive in Nursery today.

Bevis Jordan was the judge again and he judged the classes quite fairly and consistenlty. It's nice to have a good judge that is fair across all the board and be able to adjust his judging on the sheep, time, place and dogs and  so forth. I highly recommend him.

Ranch Class. 

ProNovice Class

In the PN class, I ran Sava first. She went out nice and had a nice lift but cast out wide but on the  comebye side and wouldn't hold the pressure so as a result, we missed the fetch panels and were offline. Nice turn and the drive was pretty decent, a few wobbles and a nice set up at the crossdrive panel. I gave her a comebye flank, several times in fact, and she didn't move and let the sheep run to the exhaust. She got them off the fence and we marched them back online and got the pen.  I was disappointed on her not holding or wanting to get into the pressure so that is our homework in July.

Rainey went out nice but eyed up at the top so I flanked her and she came on very slowly! A very slow and cautious lift and she didnt hold the fetch pressure and since this has been consistent recently with my PN dogs, it is something that I am lacking on my training so it will be fixed.  The sheep stood the ground and wanted to run to the exhaust and I had to work her hard to get them moving, She didnt have the gumption to walk hard into them so as a result, one ewe gave her grief all during the run. We got halfway on the drive and time ran out as she was struggling to push the sheep.

Nursery Class

There were some very nice runs today and I never took out my camera. It was dumping rain so we all huddled under the tent and drank coffee. for dinner, I made chicken and vegie shish kabobs with coconut curry and for dessert, Kathleen brought Lemon cake.

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