Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Final Heart Status

It's been over seven weeks since I had my two heart surgeries. It was a success and I feel so much better now. I wake up and am not tired. My fingers are not cold and I feel alive. It's amazing when your heart works normally. Imagine having a bad case of the flu, no energy, tired and dizzy all the time....that was me for the last few years.  But since the surgeries, I have been feeling wonderful.

I have had lots of people come up to me and say "Wow, you don't look white"...meaning, I have color in my face and no longer have dark circles under my eyes.  I walk up the stairs at work and no longer pass out. I no longer need my mini-naps when I get home.

The best part is that I can work my dog for more than seven minutes. I can even run down the field and not gasp for air. Now, I realize my legs are like jello and my hind end needs some toning up!  working the young dogs will whip me into shape rather quickly. Billie has decided to be a pistol and as a result, I am running here and fro after her. Reba has been easy and I think she feels sorry for me so don't make me run or gasp for air.

People have said that my whistles sure much better, clearer and louder. My dogs have failed to heed this as they still run through the bit still. Well, not really, either they listen really well or not at all. I feel my blowing the whistle is easier for me and I can punch them out, if needed.

My left arm is still on limited work so no more than ten or so pounds. No lifting above the head and just being careful as I want the wires to be solid in my heart and not get pulled or stretched, I rather err on the side of caution than have to go back to the hospital for a reinsertion for the pacemaker wires.

The incision still is painful and tender. It is swollen and hard and the seat belt rubs on it and it really is painful then. It is slowly getting smaller and in a few weeks, I think it will no longer be an issue. I massage it and put vitamin E cream on it.  Once it heals, it will match the open heart surgery scar. I have had people see my open heart scar and go "yuck" as it is noticeable and will always be. So between the two scars, I won't be a bathing suit model. Sometimes it does bother me that I have the scars but I try not to show it.  Inside it does hurt when people notice it and say something not nice though. Just think folks before you open your mouth before you say something like that as it does hurt the person, the unkind words. It not like I can erase it and wear neck high shirts for the rest of my life is not an option. I do sometimes get quite self conscience.

I am glad to be alive, to enjoy life. This was a setback but in the grand scheme of life, it is just a small blip. I was broken and now I am fixed. Mt heart works normally. I feel good. I could have a negative attitude about all of this but why? It's better to be positive and look forward to living. even though I will have limitations, it is better than being dead.  Life deals you some hard cards but you can take those cards and make a winning hand out of them. Have a good attitude, an open mind and a willingness to be happy and live life to the fullest is my motto.

On the other hand, If I can only not screw up run on my cross drive panel with Nan and would be even better.

This will be my last heart update, any others will be small mentions in future posts. I think I can finally close this chapter in this book. I am ready to open the next, new chapter in my life.

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Luisa said...

So glad to hear this good news! You have a great, positive attitude and have made a winning hand out of the cards you were dealt, for sure. [And since today was the last day of school here, I'll add: have a wonderful summer!!]