Sunday, June 3, 2012

No Barn Kittens allowed!

Say what, about two year ago, I got three feral barn kittens. One went to live the life of a high rise condo kitty with my mom and is totally spoiled. Sarah and Simon got to be the official barn kittens. Sarah warmed up to me and loves to be petted and fussed over. She loves to be in my lap and be my assistant manager on the farm. She ignores the baby chickens but goes after the rats and mice. Simon is not as friendly but will let me pet him but not pick him up. Sarah loves being a lap cat.

But alas, they are barn cats and know their roles on the farm. We made the decision NOT to have any house cats. So, cats are not allowed in the house. The exception we did make was for Rigby. He was Getty's cat and as a result, Getty let him come in the house, take a snooze and be a part time house cat. He actually turned out to be a great house cat but spent part of his life in the house and in the barn. Since Rigby passed away we kept the non cats in the house rule.

That was the only exception. We agreed to that. We have nice, leather couches and Getty prefers them to stay cat-scratch free.

As you can see below, we have never let another cat in the house.

Certainly not Sarah.

And most certainly not in Maid's dog bed.

Note. Maid was not hurt in this session. She wisely decided to vacate her dog bed to run off and hide behind me. When Sarah says "Move" the Border Collies all say "How fast?"

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skyeacres said...

Sarah isn't spoiled! She sure looks happy. Remember if you ever need a cat my mom helps with cat rescue and can come up with one or two! I love it that Sarah turned out to be so friendly.