Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday partial results for Dirt Blowing

We just got home and so I am going to  write up what I remembered. I was at the Nursery and PN for most of the day. I ran Nan and then Maid in the morning, then headed off to the Nursery and PN field to run Jude and Rainey. Kathleen also ran Josh in Nursery and Gael in PN.

Nan acted like a rugby player on the twitchy sheep which did not endear them to her. Her  slicely flanks was a real bonus in spooking the sheep too. I tried to get her to calm down but to no avail as she was on the muscle. She had a nice outrun and slow lift, then zig and zag the sheep until she got them back online at the fetch panel. A decent turn and they burst for the exhaust and she covered that side so they ran the other way. Our first line flipping back and forth and her pushing on the bubble really unsettled the ewes. We had a decent cross drive and last turn and you had to pen, then shed. She marched them into the pen so I has some grace in the run and we moved them about in the ring and got a shed. We did not get a lot of point for the offline fetch or the flippy drive. Nan was happy with her run, wagged her tail at the exhaust and just had a big beam on her face.

Maid went out sweetly, came in nice, stopped as I asked then began to lift nice when one squirted to one side. I don't know if she caused it or not and then the other three bolted the other way. Maid looked at me and I gave her a soft walk up and she took one step in and then (quietly) tucked the single back to the three. They took a hard run to be offline and I let her cover then flanked her wide and wide and stopped them at their heads and she marched them back on line, just at the fetch panels and they skimmed them. The turn wasn't bad and we had a wee bobble on the first leg and just skimmed the drive panel, lined up nice after a wee high draw and the last half of her drive was nice, just skimmed below at the cross drive panels. She was running well and calm and all looked quite sweet. I gave her a big away flank to turn the sheep for the last leg and she cast out wide, then suddenly ran in and gripped a ewe. It got me by surprise as she was nice and calm and flanked out clean. Maybe the ewe called her mother a name or something but that was the end of our run. It was a pretty good run up to that point and one of the best runs she had done for me. I walked out and she knew she did bad as she dropped and didn't move an inch.

Partial Unofficial Open results for Second Open round.

Right after this we had to leave so I didn't see another Open run. I took this just before we left and they still were running dogs so I don't have the final results.
Nursery was the same as Friday and Saturday. Jude went out nice, then slowed down so I gave him a couple of redirects. He then cast out wide, like an Open outrun and came nice behind his sheep. He learned a lot from the prior two days and this outrun was very nice. He took time lifting but started them nice down the hill and a pretty decent fetch. The sheep tried to hug the pen at the turn so I had to call him close and right next to the pen and sheep, and it was snug, but he came in and moved them off the pen and got his turn. They kept trying to run to the exhaust but he covered them well and just missed his first pane;. He got them halfway on the cross drive and time out. It was hard to drive them and cover them as they wanted to bolt but he did well and learned a lot, He had no problems standing up to the ewes and held his ground and never gave an inch. I was happy with what he gave and how much better he had gotten since Friday.

I missed Kathleen and Josh's run as I was running Nan. She timed out at the pen but he ran well.

Sunday Nursery- Unofficial Results

 Overall Unofficial Nursery Results

 I don't have the PN results nor have any idea how anyone placed. I ran Rainey and had to redirect her on the outrun and she had a soft lift. She was online for most of her fetch and got her panel. She had a nice turn and drive quite well. The sheep kept trying to break and she held them well. I had to flank her a bit to push them on the drive and we wobbled but made the cross drive and slipped low and missed the second panels. They had no interest in going into the pen and she held her side and they tried to run past her but she was firm. Two slipped in and the last two were thinking about it but we ran out of time.

We were at the exhaust and the sheep crew came to load the the sheep. They asked if I could help so Rainey and I went into the pens. She had to stuff them into a small pen and down a steep chute. She did quite well, sliding along the sheep and fence and hocking them to move them. Then she had them stuffed in the chute and they didn't want to go into the trailer so she went do the chute and hocked the end sheep and the sheep loaded in the trailers. The guy was impressed and asked me what grip command I used so I told him "Take hold" and he saw her hock a ewe.  Rainey worked quite well in the chute stuffing the sheep into the trailers and id it quietly and with no fuss. I was impressed wiht my little dog as on the trial field I had to help her to do the drive but in the chute she was stuffing the sheep into the trailer like it was no big deal. The ewes faced her off and she didn't back down.

While this was all going on, Kathleen ran Geal. She had a nice outrun, lift and fetch and drive. She was working at the pen when the sheep broke away and Gael gripped one to stop it so that was the end of her run. I really couldn't see any of her run as we were loading sheep.

After our runs were done, we loaded up and headed for home as it was close to a six hour drive and we wer pretty tired. Kathleen drove and we stopped for dinner and relaxed. The dogs are all crashed out on the couch or beds and soon I will be joingin them. Running four dogs in cold weather with 25 plus miles per hour wind took a lot out of me. I am not totally recovered from my heart surgeries and feel it now.

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