Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanks to those who served so we can be free

This is a poem that I wrote for our veterans. I published it a few years ago..

“Stand Proud”

Stand Proud, my brother,
Stand Proud, my sister,
Stand proud, my father,
Stand Proud, my mother.

We can sleep at night,
Free from worry.
We can speak our mind
With heart filled passion.

So I can vote for a man
That I believe in,
So I can walk the streets
Safe and be secure.

You have made me proud,
Fighting for me,
Walking in danger
So we can be free.

On the beaches you fought,
In the mountains you climbed,
Fighting for a cause
And trying to stay alive.

Some of you still are there,
In spirit you walk about
Looking at us and hoping
We still remember.

We remember you
The farmer, the postman,
The driver and the young man.
Ordinary people with ordinary lives.

Lives you gave in full
So I can sleep in peace
And now, I still sleep in peace
With you watching over me

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