Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Dog Costumes

I am amazed at the creativity of the owners of these dogs!

 Ok, I hid them, now what?

 Now, this is a real die hard.

 This is one of my favorites.

I am not sure what this is but it sure is scary. 

Check out the hooves...they went to great detail. 

Does this remind you of your eldery grandmother? 

Very clever! Wonder if they work for Apple? 

I burst out laughing looking at the butt crack. 

 Captain or a Pirate?


Hot Potato! 

 You better bring three treats.

 Phew....but what a great disguise!


 Is he PADI certified?


gvmama said...

FABULOUS...thanks for the laughs!

Monique said...

love the iphone

Rosa Noel said...

Wow!! Thank you for these photos! They're so funny, they made my day :)) The dog with the Iphone looks so hilarious! My dog was dressed up for the Halloween as a wizard, we had so much fun together. I bought him two dog collars assorted with the costume, one in black and one in purple.