Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The last surgery for Tess

Tess went in about two weeks ago to have two teeth pulled. They were snapped off at the base during the car accident but we had to wait until she was healed from the major surgery before she had the second surgery. So she went in and had the two teeth pulled She came home with the gum flag sewn over the hole. Right after she got back, I took off to Fire Ridge. She stayed home and  hogged my half of the bed and keep it warm for me.

So about a week ago, I noticed she was licking where the IV had been inserted into her leg.. To my surprise, there was a hole, about nickle size where it exposed her tendons and muscle. I wrapped it and put her cone on so she was a cone head. I had Diane M and Audrey B take a look at it last week (both are vets that were at my house for lessons) and it was determined she needed to go back to my vet to have stitches. We also noticed a tiny piece of tooth in her gum.

So Tess went to the vet, got the tiny loose tooth fragment pulled, resealed the gum hole and got few stitches in her legs. She is sporting a bright pink wrap on her leg and it gets changed every few days. It is healing well. She tried to lick it so I scolded her and since then, she has not touched it. She is on antibiotics for a week and she is doing well.

How well is she well, that when I called for a back up dog, Tess shoved the other dogs out of the mouth of the stall and pushed me aside so I almost felll down, got the sheep and then was wondering why I was hanging on to the stall door, when she had shoved the sheep over me when she returned with them. (I guess her down is broken as she did not do it once when I told her)

It's good to have her back, all well and back to her ole ways!

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