Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Started Border Collie female for sale - Kate

Kate is a rough coat, tri female. She was born in August 2010. Her sire is Nan, a son of Alasdair MacRae's Nap and his dam is Ellie, a daughter of my Nan.  She is a small and friend female. She is very willing to please and has been a house dog.

She does short outruns of about 50-75 yards, balances well and has a nice fetch. She covers the sheep well and rates the sheep very nicely. She goes both directions with ease and can change directions without  any issue. She has worked 65 sheep as well as five. She has worked lambs.

She is very biddable and wants to please, thus is an easy dog to train. She calls of well and kennels and crates fine. She gets along with the other dogs, cats, poultry, horses, llama and cattle. She is quiet in the kennel and house. She is not a barker or aggressive.

Nan is Imp Spot x L&M Nell. Nan's sibling are Tommy Wilson's Sly Laura Hick's Jag and Joni Swanke's chip (deceased)  Nan is my Open dog and I see some of Nan's attributes in her. Her grandsire is MacRae's nap, who has won the National Finals.  Her sire, Nap (George MacDonald) is a successful Open dog.

She can be a nice Open dog for the handler who wants a willing partner. I am selling her since I am overdogged.

Congratulation to Vicki Romero

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