Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Roo has found heaven

I sold Roo to Grant and Holly in Canada. They are super nice people and love Roo. Roo has three children to play with and Grant plays fetch with him too. But he doesn't play all the time as he has to work for a living. Grant works Roo on a daily basis not only on sheep but on poultry. He is enjoying his new life, being a housedog, a cherished member of the family and Grant's new partner. They will be making an appearance on the trial field so give them a cheer for me!

 Bringing in the sheep.

Notice Roo is feeling the bubble and behaving for Grant.

March in a nice line, ladies!

Roo has to separate the meat birds for the market.

Not a problem as he loves to work poultry.

Ah ha, he spies a duck that belongs somewhere else! So he does his job and brings it to Grant.

Got ya!

One meat bird decide to break away, but there is no escaping Roo.

More work.

Happy boy!

Roo loves to work geese. However, the geese are not too happy. 

End of a day's work for Grant and Roo. What a happy heaven for Roo.

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Ewenique Border Collies said...

that is awesome Diane
and Roo is near me so I will get to see him next summer on the trial field