Friday, July 15, 2011

A Photo Journey on the road

As we pulled away from Bonner's Ferry, I took some valley shots. There was a huge fence in the way so a lot of photos that could have been good, were not able to be taken due to the fence. Climbing over a eight foot fence was not an option so I took what I could. The scenery was breath taking.

 The Sign that I read before I had my coffee. I was still in a coma.

 Cross stitching of color.

 The view of the valley after we left Bonner's Ferry.

 Cool Mountain formation. This was a ski town we stopped to have coffee and doughnuts at a Tim Horton's. The sign said to watch for "Mountain Sheep" and we looked for them but never saw any. We saw lots of tourists though.

 Snow in July.

 More mountains.

 Place near and dear to my heart. Soon, Janet was as good as me in locating them!

 We found the largest truck in the world. It was used in the coal operation in Sparwood, B.C.

See how tiny Janet is next to the truck wheel. 

 Pieces of coal.

The view near our hotel You can buy booze and a bong. This is as close as we got!

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