Sunday, July 17, 2011

Calgary First Run with Roo

Well, Janet and I attended the Handler's meeting at 7:00 am after we got our dogs all squared away. we had coffee and  doughnut and got to see old friends and meet new ones. We are truly bummed to find that Chris Hanson was not able to make it. we wanted him to see the last run by Scott, since he was the first owner and who I got Scott from. So Janet ran Scott in his honor.

I saw Chris Jobe and remembered the time she got her Yorkie as a puppy. Time sure flies as that Yorkie is now ten years old. Jamie was a bubbly and fun as ever and I really miss seeing her. She is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world.  Every time I hang out with her, my sides hurts from laughing so much.

Jenn, Lisa and Louanne were there and they provide some entertainment. where ever they are at, you can guarantee that some laughter and good times are around. Wendy, who seems like a quiet person, is really a kick in the pants. Between all of them, you can be assured that fun will be provided. It was a good way to start the trial!

There were over 60 dogs running and it was split up between two times. The first set was at 8:00 a.m and then the second set was at 7 at  night. We drew up in the second set. So that gave us all day to watch the morning rounds, watch other events and tour the fair.

We got some great seats and began to watch the first runs. The sheep were high headed and if your dog was weak, you were doomed. If you dog was too pushy, they ran. Penning was not in their vocabulary. The  course had 18 points and you needed all of them to get into the top 15 in the Finals.

I got to meet some new people, Jimmy and Janet Walker. Being a Texan, I naturally rooted for them. Also since they are one of the nicest couples, ever!! We sat behind them and also met other new people.  Dave Clayborn, the winner from last year was very nice and filled us in on some details.  We also got our own tour guide, in the form of Milton Scott.  If I was a betting woman, he would have been the LAST person that I would have figure to be our tour guide. He took off his "player hat" and put on his "tour guide hat". I am sure that was a first! But he was a good sport.

Wendy came out with a bang to put down a nice run, with full points and a fast run. Chris Jobe, not to be out done, also laid down a screaming run for full points. Then she went and did it twice. Dale Montgomery, a true classy man, ran his dogs and made it look like it was easy. (It wasn't!)  Jenny got full points with her Hemp. Valerie Kerik with Win had a smooth run with a nice dog. Diane Gauthier went out and proved she still run like a champion. I had the list with the scores and run but managed to lose it. They ran 45 dogs then quit until the evening.

So now was tour time, chow time and watching the event time.  With our new tour guide, Milt, we explored the fair grounds. we got tons of non-healthy fair food. Then off to the the six horse team hitch. The draft horses are simply stunning and the wagons were polished to a high gleam.

Taped by Janet Thorpe

We all voted on the winning hitch and Janet got the closest. I failed and picked fifth place. So much for my career as a Hitch Judge. I think Milt picked fourth place.

Then the cowboy challenge was the next event.  That is really fun to watch. They have a free ride, sliding stops and rollbacks, going over and through obstacles and lots of noise. It like horse agility but was more fun. we were rooting for Jimmy Anderson, who is married to Andrea. I know Andrea from way back when when I first got into trialing. I bought Tait (Teddy) from her.

Then off to more touring and then Handler's Dinner. I wasn't in the mood to eat a bunch since I would be running so I mainly nibbled. We saw with Jeff and Perry who were the sheep setter and grip judge.  Jimmy and Janet joined us and soon the table was filled with tons of fun people.  Lots of food and more than enough to go around.  They had a door prize of a beautiful buckle and general good humor was the entertainment for the night.

Soon, it was out turn to be running in the evening session. Janet was up, then followed by me. The course was set that you had to pass one sheep by each obstacle or you didn't get any points. Scott ran out clean and she handled him well but a handler error of a too wide turn at the handler's post cost her dearly. She didn't get her points after that but still handled the sheep well and had them lined up at the pen. Janet can handle a dog well and it showed in her run.

Roo was on the muscle as we went in and it showed in our run. He blew through his stops and took a couple of flanks the way he wanted to go so that also cost us. We did make it through the course and time ran out on us at the pen. I knew where I made my errors and thought about how to run a better game the next day. I would have to run fast, clean and get all of my points and that might give me a chance for the Finals.

Taped by Janet Walker

Our tour guide ran right after us and smoked us. At least one of us did well. He got the pen and had a fast chute time so if Milt was able to have a good run the next day, he would get in. Louanne ran Meg and had a stellar run. I think I need to steal Meg and bring her back to the States? Besides, Meg has the cutest freckle face!

The last of runs ended late and as we were trying to get our gear to head back to the hotel, the skies opened up and a rain deluge attacked us. We got drenched but made it back to the hotel, only to have to repeat it all the next morning.

Note: I added who taped the runs

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