Saturday, July 9, 2011

Arrival in Calgary

Janet and I got up early and were on the way to Calgary by the crack of dawn. Janet is a morning person and I am not. She is not chatty and I am super happy and chatty in the morning. We found ourselves at the Bonners Ferry Starbucks (in the Safeway). I can truly say this Starbucks has a -3 rating out of a 1-10 rating. They got both of our coffee order wrongs and I pointed out mine was wrong. Then they noticed after they gave Janet her coffee that hers was wrong. They had a hard time even comprehending what we were saying. It was over their heads. Oh well, in the end, after much ado from them, our coffees were right. However, they did not mess up the slices of banana bread they got from the racks.

The trip up to Calgary was scenic and stunning. We had allotted buffer time for breaks and lunch. Rolling, grassy hills dotted with fat cattle surrounded us as we meandered up the highways. Deer with fawns bounded over the swaying fine grass and it reminded me of a a delicate ballet. Herds of horses, stood next to each other, tails swishing in the wind and their coats gleamed.

Of course, we had to stop at Tim Horton's. Janet had no say as I was driving and the car *suddenly* veered off and *parked* itself in the parking lot. Apparently 10:30 a.m. is the doughnut rush hour as the line snaked out the door. Unfortunately we were at the end of the line but fortunately the line moved quickly.  We ate our second breakfast and soon were on our way.

Then as I was still driving, we saw a sign for the "Largest Truck in the World".  We had to see it and it was the hugest truck that I have ever seen. I took some pixs and will post them in the next few days. It was in a mining town and had some rich history.

Janet took the wheel so I got to soak up the sights of the rich country side. we passed miles and miles of Cattle ranches, each with their name on the gate post. We saw many more herds of fat, content cattle and gain, I took some pixs. As we were taking the pixs, the cows eyed us suspiciously while the calves wandered up to us in curiosity.

We had lunch in a quaint town called Nanton. we spied a restaurant named "Ken" so we thought it would be home style food. Much to our surprise, it was a Chinese Restaurant. However, we order sandwiched which were served opened-faced and were quite good.

We arrived in Calgary in mid afternoon and found the admin office where we picked up our packages.  We decided to scout out the area where our dogs would be kept and the handler's meeting would be. That way we would not be rushing around in the morning, trying to figure this all out. We got it all squared away and finally made our way to our hotel.

Janet booked the Raddison Hotel which is a nice hotel. We have free Internet access so I can blog. We were tired so went to the hotel restaurant. I never had Yorkshire Pudding. I always never had this but Janet twisted my arm to try it. It was delicious. I had a steak and Janet had lobster mac and cheese. Soon, we waddled back to our room and prepared ourselves for our runs tomorrow by reviewing the past runs of the Stampede.

Wish us luck in the first go-round of the Stockdog Challenge!

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