Friday, July 8, 2011

Calgary Stampede Bound

Janet Thorpe and I are headed out to the Calgary Stampede. We have entered in the World Stockdog Championship.  We left early this morning and picked to stop at Bonner's Ferry. It was a nice drive and we even had time to tour the Wildlife refuge. Of course, there was not much wildlife to see in the late evening as it was too early for the night grazing.

But I took some pictures and will post them. We did see a doe with twins. The lighting was bad so the photos didn't turn out. It was in the shadows but I will try to edit them tomorrow and post them. As it is, we are pretty tired and plan to hit the road before 7:00.

Janet is running Scott in his last trial and then he will be retired. He has been a good dog for her and taught her lots. Additionally, he has taught me tons. He is a honest dog that has won many hearts with his tremendous work ethics.

I am running Roo. He has been working well with me and I hope he shines as well as he should. He is a great dog with a heart of gold but people cannot get past the fact that he is red. he is fearless but has wonderful stock sense.

Both of these dogs are older, Scott being 12 years  and Roo is 8.5 years old. But they have done well by us and they are the best dogs we have to take to the Stampede.

I will be posting nightly from Canada so stayed tuned.

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Media Mentions said...

Sometimes I find it hard to imagine the words “free” and “calgary stampede” together, but according to this little gem, (linkedy here, if you’d like to see this year’s festivities can be more wallet-friendly than ever. Sure, the main events and food stands do a stellar job of draining the good ol’ pocket book, but with a bit of planning, I’d bet one can have a pretty affordable bit of western fun.

Just a thought.