Monday, November 24, 2014

Tim and Nell

Earlier this year, I got Nell (aka Peep) from Tim Naasz. She is the daughter of Ryn who is the full sister to my Nan and Tommy Wilson's Sly.  Her sire is Helsley's Cap. She is the full sister to his Wizard. I love the bloodlines and leaped at the chance to get her. She has been in training with me and can almost do a Novice course. She is pushy and takes no prisoners.
This summer a new handler came out with his older dog, Kodi. His name was Tim.  He is a city boy but his life was going to change and he had no idea.  He took a few lessons then became seriously interested in herding. Around that time, I got a new dog named Peep who became Nell. Nell's mom is Ryn who is full sister to my Nan. Nell's sire is Helsley's Cap and she is a full sister to his Wizard.
So his dog became ill,  so we used my dogs for his lesson.  Once we used Nell and you could see something "magical" was going between them.  I kept training Nell and got her to Novice level. She is a strong dog, pushy and fearless. Off stock she is like Nan, very loving and a one person dog. She would leave the other dogs at play time to sit by me.
Then Tim came more into the picture. She adored him. She quickly became like a "tick" and attached herself to him.  She made it known that she wanted him to be her handler. Tim was working with Reba to go to trials with but Nell made sure that we all knew that was a big mistake.
So, after much thought and Nell's input, we decided that Tim will be her new owner. We co-own her so she will be coming out for lessons and so forth.  She has been with Tim since I had surgery and it was evident that she made his place her new home. She goes everywhere with him, the local brew pub, coffee shop, the marina, and anywhere else. Sleeps with him on the bed and never far from his side.
 Having a beer at the local pub.
Tim is dog sitting Reba, Billie and Nell during my recovery but notice Nell is close to him . She never leaves his side.

At the dock at the marina. She has her own speedboat now. Tim gets to be the captain.

At his feet at the brew pub. She loves to go to the coffee shop as well. She is his shadow.  He didn't realize the new gal in his life would have four legs and a tail.
We wish Tim well with his Nell. They make a great team and you can see the love they have for each other.  I am second fiddle but I am happy with that. They will be running in a trial in a couple of months. They will do well as she tries so hard to please them.
Love that when you see that magic between" a boy and his dog."

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