Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Rain Bug

It's hard to believe that seven year ago, out little Princess was born. Rainey, the only female out of Tess x Scott's litter.  She is a diva but we love her. For Christmas, she as Getty's Christmas gift.
Wasn't she the cutest puppy?
She started reading at a young age about sheep, trials and strategy.

 She would watch the runs.  She ran well for me and was my Open dog until she lost hearing in one year at 6 years old. So she is my farm dog, lesson dog and sidekick.

She handled sheep well and they trusted her. She had a bit of eye that I had to  work with and grew more confident. She never let a sheep back her down.
 And if one did, she was more that happy to floss.

She was thoughtful.
 Couch snuggler like her mom.

 Perfect size to be a lap warmer.
here is a poem that I wrote for her a few years ago....
Life is a journey
with many paths
to tempt and tease
but stay true.
Take not the wayward path
but the path of goodness
to lead to the path of life
and happiness.
Look deep into your dog's eyes
and what  you will see
is a reflection of your soul
of who you really truly are.
Hope that the person that you see
is one your dog can be proud of
of one that stands tall
and trusts with all of the heart.

 Today I looked into Rain's soul
we smiled at each other
she leaned against my feet
and I brushed her with love.
My journey with her started with her dam
so many long years ago
and now it is passed on to her
and she walks by my side.
My journey with her
is of trust and love
and together we gathered the sheep
and again sat by each other's side.

 The sun beat down upon us
and we looked up in the sky
and we both saw our journey
has just started to begun.
d. pagel may 2011

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