Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Maid in her Open run on Sunday (Nov 8)

This last Saturday, I was feeling sick so only ran Maid in the Open trial. She was quite happy to be the only dog with me. We watched a few runs then went out, They used three young lambs that were not dog broke and had no leader. The fetch was over a ditch and they labs didn't want to go over it and on the first leg, and last leg they had to cross that ditch again. A right hand drive, shed in a small ring and pen. She went out well and on part of the first fetch was pushing a bit hard but I got her to settle down. At the last second, they skimmed the fetch panels (grr) but we recovered and had a good turn. Nice first leg, although she had to convince them to jump that ditch, bit of a wide turn but we got back online but dipped low and missed the second panels by inches. Back online for the last leg and she came screaming in the single like bullet and the lamb was stunned to see her and not his buddies. He backed up very careful as Maid inched forward. Then she regathered and sauntered then into the pen. She got a perfect pen and shed, missed half on her fetch and drive (or so) and placed third for a tie but placed fourth based on outwork. We just have a few little things to work on but overall she ran like a champion and tried very hard to please me and was soft and biddable.
After the trial, we hung out for a bit and she worked the crowd for food, getting some chicken from Janet and pets from other folks. She was a super social butterfly.  Janet and I went out for sushi after our runs and soon I got home in time for a nap.

Looking at the field.

 At the post turn.

I just open the gate and look cute. 

After the run for a cool down.

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