Sunday, November 23, 2014

Maid and her lambie

Maid loves her toys. She has one favorite lambie toy that squeaks.   She also like to grab other toys and line then up near her bed so she can pick and chose when she wants to play with another toy. But the lambie toy is her favorite and she will not share it with anyone else.
Here she is playing with her toy and my Mom and Aunt are in the kitchen cooking. You hear them at the end speaking in Japanese and then as soon as I quit filming this, Maid had to help them in the kitchen. She gets lots of treats from them.  She was on a stay but as soon as she heard them speak, she was sure one of the Japanese words was a release word. 

They speak to her in Japanese and she acts like she understands them. She does her repertoire of tricks (sit, down, turn head to side, spin and hop on two legs)  to get treats. But she wont even share her lambie with them.

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